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Life as a Fur Trader

The Illinois Brigade made their way into the Illinois Country down the Illinois River.  Hubbard was assigned to a trading post at the mouth of Bureau Creek.  But after delivering the trade goods to the post, he continued with the Brigade down the river to meet his father and brother in St. Louis who were on their way to settle in Arkansas.  It would be the last time he saw his father. 

Hubbard returned up the Illinois River to his post at Bureau River.  He described Mr. “Beebeau”, the trader who kept the post, as: “sickly, cross and petulant”.  Hubbard kept the traders books and was present when sales were made.

But winter at the post was mostly passed, “when at home, chatting, joking, and playing tricks on each other; making oars and paddles to replace the worn out and broken ones, and getting ourselves ready for spring’s departure”.    Hubbard learned the details of the fur trade and with Indian friends he learned to hunt, trap, canoe and speak their language.

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