Adopted by an Indian Chief

Shortly after beginning work at Mr. Beebeau’s post Hubbard was visited by a white haired Indian accompanied by a large young brave.  Chief Waba had met Hubbard before and was impressed by his courage, character and strength.  The young man was Shabbona, an Odawa who had married into the Potawatomi tribe and was now a chief.  Chief Waba had shortly before lost a son of about Gurdon’s age and, according to their custom, offered to adopt Gurdon to replace his son,

Hubbard’s assistant translated Shabbona’s explanation that Chief Waba was giving him a great honor.  He would have many benefits by being Waba’s foster son and would enjoy a good reputation and the friendship among all the tribes.  But he also explained that Hubbard could learn the red man’s ways and help “his chief’s” with their trade.  Gurdon agreed and Chief Waba named him “Checomocomones”, ‘The Little American’.

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